Once Again - Protecting Consumers from the High Cost and Risk of Nuclear Power

For the second year in a row, MidAmerican Energy attempted to put ratepayers on the hook for new nuclear power plants in Iowa - with no consumer protections to limit how much we'd have to pay, and no possibility of refund if plans for the plant fell through. Thanks to the concerted effort of Iowa PIRG and coalition partners, we were able to stop this bad bill from passing once again. Thank you to everyone who spoke out with us during the past legislative session! It made a huge difference.

Now, moving forward, Iowa PIRG will lead a coalition of leaders in energy and transportation to propose a consumer friendly plan to meet our energy needs through renewable energy and energy efficiency, coupled with forward thinking transportation solutions - all of which will be aimed towards also creating jobs and cutting energy costs. Stay tuned for more details about the Iowa Renewable Energy Jobs 2020 coalition!

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