Keeping Iowa on Track with Passenger Rail

When Iowa's House leaders tried to strip Iowa's federal funding for a new passenger rail from Iowa City to Chicago, Iowa PIRG worked in cooperation with environmental, business, and community leaders to emphasize the benefits that providing a fast, cheap, and easily accessible tranportation alternative in rail would provide. Iowa's plans to move forward with the first stretch of passenger rail are safe again. The Iowa DOT is now moving forward with their second feasibility study to access the cost and benefit of expanding the passenger rail project from Omaha, through Des Moines and all the way to Chicago.

Protect the CFPB

The CFPB is under attack, and we need to tell our Senators to stand up and protect our consumer cop.

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Help us build the public support it will take to connect Iowa to the Midwest passenger rail, bringing thousands more quality jobs, reduced traffic congestion and less air pollution.

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