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Report | US PIRG Education Fund | Consumer Protection

Ten Reasons Why We Need the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Now

This report outlines predatory financial practices that hurt consumers and helped collapse the economy, costing us eight million jobs, millions of foreclosed homes and trillions of dollars in lost home and retirement values. It explains these and other emerging problems as “10 Reasons We Need The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Now.”

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News Release | Consumer Protection, Tax

Senator Carl Levin Introductes Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act

Statement of Iowa PIRG Federal Legislative Office Director Gary Kalman on the introduction of the Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act.

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Report | Iowa PIRG Education Fund | Health Care

Building a Better Health Care Marketplace

One of the most important elements in last year’s health care reform law is the creation of new state-based health insurance marketplaces called exchanges.  If states create a strong exchange, consumers will reap the benefits as insurers compete for their business, lowering costs and improving quality.

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Result | Safe Energy

Protecting Iowans from the financial risk of nuclear power

Iowa PIRG stopped Iowa leaders from allowing MidAmerican Energy to charge ratepayers in advance for the development, licensing and construction of new nuclear power plants in Iowa.

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Report | Iowa PIRG | Health Care

Building a Better Health Care Marketplace: Designing a Consumer-Friendly Exchange

The earlier briefs in this series have laid out the important steps states must take to create a strong, stable exchange.  But even if the state ensures that its exchange is fair and effective, if it is not easy to use and trusted by consumers, eligible enrollees won’t materialize.

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Defend the CFPB

Tell your senators to oppose the “Financial CHOICE Act,” which would gut Wall Street reforms and destroy the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as we know it.

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